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Just got back from the first day of Loud Park. You may know that Manowar cancelled their headline spot due to a fire that delayed their gear’s arrival. However, the big story of the day was how unnecessary Manowar is.The rest of the bands did well with the extra time they got, and Arch Enemy proved without a doubt they are festival headliners (which was news to me)! In other news, Battle Beast righteously woke the arena the fuck up at 10:30 in the morning. I also really liked my first Soilwork show. You probably hate Amaranthe, but I thought their three vocalist attack crushed. Down’s set also went over well and was chock-a-block full of ridiculous Phil-isms (sample stage banter: “I sometimes sing out of key ’cause I’m old, fat, and fucking deaf!”). Rage also played a great set, but that is not news.

Tomorrow, Dream Theater are the headliners. I’ve attached today’s set lists for the bands I cared about. Have a very metal day!


October 18

Battle Beast Set List

  1. Let It Roar (Battle Beast)
  2. Out on the Streets (Battle Beast)
  3. Black Ninja (Battle Beast)
  4. Iron Hand (Steel)
  5. Kingdom (Battle Beast)
  6. Enter the Metal World (Steel)
  7. Out of Control (Battle Beast)

Band: Noora Louhimo, vocals; Anton Kabanen, guitar, vocals; Eero Sipilä, bass, vocals; Pyry Vikki, drums; Juuso Soinio, guitar; Janne Björkroth, keyboards.

Soilwork Set List

  1. This Momentary Bliss (The Living Infinite)
  2. Like the Average Stalker (A Predator’s Portrait)
  3. Overload (Figure Number Five)
  4. Spectrum of Eternity (The Living Infinite)
  5. The Living Infinite I (The Living Infinite)
  6. Bastard Chain (A Predator’s Portrait)
  7. Nerve (Stabbing the Drama)
  8. Let This River Flow (The Panic Broadcast)
  9. Tongue (The Living Infinite)
  10. Rise Above the Sentiment (The Living Infinite)
  11. Stabbing the Drama (Stabbing the Drama)

Band: Björn “Speed” Strid, vocals; Ola Flink, bass guitar; Sven Karlsson, keyboards; Dirk Verbeuren, drums; David Andersson, guitar; Sylvain Coudret, guitar.


Amaranthe Set List

  1. Digital World (Massive Addictive)
  2. Dynamite (Massive Addictive)
  3. Hunger (Amaranthe)
  4. Invincible (The Nexus)
  5. 1.000.000 Lightyears (Amaranthe)
  6. Trinity (Massive Addictive)
  7. Massive Addictive (Massive Addictive)
  8. Afterlife (The Nexus)
  9. Electroheart (The Nexus)
  10. Amaranthine (Amaranthe)
  11. Call Out My Name (Amaranthe)
  12. Drop Dead Cynical (Massive Addictive)
  13. The Nexus (The Nexus)

Band: Jake E, clean vocals; Elize Ryd, clean vocals; Olof Mörck, guitars & keyboards; Morten Løwe Sørensen, drums; Johan Andreassen, bass; Henrik Englund, harsh vocals.

Down Set List

  1. Eyes of the South (NOLA)
  2. We Knew Him Well (Down IV – Part II)
  3. Witchtripper (Down IV – Part I)
  4. Lifer (NOLA)
  5. Pillars of Eternity (NOLA)
  6. Hail the Leaf (NOLA)
  7. Losing All (NOLA)
  8. Conjure (Down IV – Part II)
  9. Stone the Crow (NOLA)
  10. Bury Me in Smoke (NOLA)

Band: Phil Anselmo, vocals, guitar; Pepper Keenan, guitar; Jimmy Bower, drums; Patrick Bruders, bass; Bobby Landgraf, guitar.

Rage Set List

  1. Carved in Stone (Carved in Stone)
  2. Sent by the Devil (Black in Mind)
  3. War of Worlds (Soundchaser)
  4. Enough Is Enough (Trapped!)
  5. Refuge (The Missing Link)
  6. Down (Unity)
  7. Unity (Unity)
  8. Don’t Fear the Winter (Perfect Man)
  9. Soundchaser (Soundchaser)
  10. Set This World on Fire (Unity)
  11. Higher Than the Sky (End of All Days)

Band: Peter “Peavy” Wagner, vocals & bass; Victor Smolski, guitar; André Hilgers, drums.


Arch Enemy Set List

  • Intro: Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor) (War Eternal)
  1. Enemy Within (Wages of Sin)
  2. War Eternal (War Eternal)
  3. Ravenous (Wages of Sin)
  4. Revolution Begins (Rise of the Tyrant)
  5. My Apocalypse (Doomsday Machine)
  6. You Will Know My Name (War Eternal)
  7. Bloodstained Cross (Khaos Legions)
  8. Under Black Flags We March (Khaos Legions)
  9. As the Pages Burn (War Eternal)
  10. Dead Eyes See No Future (Anthems of Rebellion)
  11. No Gods, No Masters (Khaos Legions)
  12. Dead Bury Their Dead (Wages of Sin)
  13. We Will Rise (Anthems of Rebellion)
  • Encore: Khaos Overture (Khaos Legions)
  1. Yesterday Is Dead and Gone (Khaos Legions)
  2. Blood on Your Hands (Rise of the Tyrant)
  3. Snow Bound (Wages of Sin)
  4. Nemesis (Doomsday Machine)

Band: Michael Amott, guitars; Daniel Erlandsson, drums; Sharlee D’Angelo, bass; Nick Cordle, guitars; Alissa White-Gluz, vocals.

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