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Thanks for answering my questions. It’s taken me some time to absorb. First, thanks for introducing me to the term “reunion-aged.” I feel that’s going to be very useful in a few years when all the NWOAHM bands that have just recently disbanded get back together. Second, I absolutely agree with your sentiments about Kreator and Overkill; age has neither lessened their aggression nor the impact of their live shows (and Mille is only 47–I was surprised by that). Third, I think it is something about festival booking; everyone will go out of their way to attend if they are sold a “legends” package, and legends don’t come young (unless we’re talking Babymetal!). I guess we can thus conclude the “Old Park” phenomenon is not a big problem (and may actually be healthy in that both old and young fans in the crowd get exposed to multiple generations of music on stage). Finally, in case you’re wondering, Dream Theater played for nearly 3 hours in their “Evening with” show the day after Loud Park. I didn’t go but managed to snag the set list:


Act 1

  1. False Awakening Suite
  2. The Enemy Inside
  3. The Shattered Fortress
  4. On the Backs of Angels
  5. The Looking Glass
  6. Trial of Tears
  7. Enigma Machine
  8. Along for the Ride
  9. Breaking All Illusions

Act 2

  1. The Mirror
  2. Lie
  3. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
  4. Scarred
  5. Space-Dye Vest
  6. Illumination Theory


  1. Overture 1928
  2. Strange Deja Vu
  3. The Dance of Eternity
  4. Finally Free

END SE. Illumination Theory Outro