Down with Spotify

This week, there’s been a growing hue and cry about Spotify, precipitated by Neil Young taking a stand against the platform’s promotion and publication of Joe Rogan’s harmful rhetoric about CoViD, but further bolstered by people seeming to wake up to Spotify’s less than generous revenue sharing model. To be totally fair, they’re not the only ones screwing the artists, but they’re among the most egregious.



Bold statement, Zig! It’s certainly the most electrifying debut hard rock album I can think of, that’s for damned sure. But….

Honestly, I’m not gonna fight you on this one, as it’d be like a knife fight: ugly, with both of us winding up bloody, and for no good reason. So, all hail VH I!


Re: Re: Blackened 2020

Cool. Just got a break from the endless childcare/online university education so I could watch it. Damn, we’re all getting old! Lars is starting to look like Harry Dean Stanton.

I really enjoyed catching up with you guys and watching that doc. Can we do it again sometime soon? How about a concert video?


Re: Blackened 2020

I agree that it’s not that bad reimagined. (I would also contend, never has Lars looked more ridiculous than his squinting overperformance in what is now a power ballad.) All in all, I dig it!

Also, not to blow your minds, but: Robert Trujillo is now the bassist who has been in Metallica the longest, making him a part of the band’s de facto mainstay lineup.