Arse’s Best Metal Albums Of 2023

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Hey freinds,

Barring any last-minute writeins or surprises, this is my set of the finest new releases I heard in 2023.

Here’s the list of new releases that were considered. (If you’ve got TIDAL, here’s a link to the full playlist. Only 55 1/2 hours!)

Honorable Mentions:

The Best Of The Best (in ascending order):


A couple of things to note:

  • None of these are four-star releases. I had worried that moving to an 8-criteria scoring system would skew the math and make top marks impossible, but looking at the data, I don’t think that’s actually true; rather, this year’s best doesn’t feel as great as previous winners. But tell me if you disagree!
  • The closest thing we have to a 4-star is the 3.8 I gave to The Armed’s latest album. That call is a bit controversial, as it’s only occasionally metal! Still, they are former Arsies winners, so they’re automatically in the conversation.
  • I finally really liked a Dødheimsgard album! it reminds me of Ihsahn, if that helps.
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December 19, 2023 Re: Arse avatar
Thanks for the list! As usually, I have heard very little of them. Enjoyed the Enslaved a lot, and have heard some of the In Flames (saw them open for...
December 20, 2023 Re: Re: Arse avatar
Overkill Inc. never miss! That said, if I had to pick one album from my best-of that I really want you to check out, it's the Night Verses. The Armed...

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