The Haunted -- Strength In Numbers

The HauntedStrength In Numbers

✦✦✦✧ This latest album is quintessential Haunted, but not in a way that relies on the proven formula. There is a reinvigorated savagery here, as well as a new melodic sensibility throughout. Those two observations don’t normally coexist well, but on “Strength In Numbers” they thrive in equal measure. I know that, when reviewing their last album “Exit Wounds,” I’d said that it was the best thing the band’s done since “The Dead Eye.”


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Thanks for your intrepid reporting, as always. Nice to hear that the Haunted and Kreator ripped it up as usual. I was surprised to see they played so much Dolving era stuff—how did those tunes sound? And as for DT, a 90 minute set is like a preshow warm up for them—they must have had to go to another venue to play another 3-4 hours after Loud Park to make it worth their while.


Loud Park

The second day of Loud Park is always a bit more of a challenge for us middle-age fans; the first day tends to drain your energy and focus, in the very least leaving you in the twin pains of the hangover and the “bangover” (extreme neck pain).  I mostly side-stepped these problems by drinking moderately and blowing off the morning acts to sleep in and recuperate ( Sorry, Periphery, I was walking my dog when you hit the stage!).

The Haunted -- Exit Wounds

The HauntedExit Wounds

★★★☆ While I’m no particular devotee of now-departed vocalist Peter Dolving, I do think that “The Dead Eye” was the greatest album the band ever released. That said, I also think that this new album is the best thing that The Haunted have done since. Sure, there are moments that will have more of a resemblance to Slayer and Lamb Of God more than to the band’s former work.