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Loud Park

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The second day of Loud Park is always a bit more of a challenge for us middle-age fans; the first day tends to drain your energy and focus, in the very least leaving you in the twin pains of the hangover and the “bangover” (extreme neck pain).  I mostly side-stepped these problems by drinking moderately and blowing off the morning acts to sleep in and recuperate ( Sorry, Periphery, I was walking my dog when you hit the stage!).I was thus rested and ready when The Haunted took the stage a little before 3pm.  To say they got an enthusiastic reaction would be an understatement!  Circle pits erupted to both my right and left.  Marco somehow bloodied his face (mic to the forehead?) during the first song and red masked it for the duration like it was an Attitude Era WWE PPV.  I actually worried he might have a health event he was so pumped with the crowd reaction.  I think they also extended their planned set by one song (Trend Killer was not on the original set list) to bask longer in the great energy.  Death Angel delivered an inspired and also well-received set based mostly on recent material that still killed.  Mark is such a natural-born rock star it’s almost funny.  Next, I got to see Within Temptation for the first time.  I know you don’t care, but Sharon’s voice is something to experience live.  And then, the Kreator returned!  Mille’s and Ventor’s longevity is a lesson for us all.  They also showed the viability of a heavy band as festival headliner (although the penultimate act this night).  Dream Theater closed the proceedings with their usual hyper-professionalism and technical prowess, although it was obvious that the 90 minutes allotted their set didn’t even wind them.  Overall, a great ending to a great weekend.  Set lists follow below. Or read my report on Loud Park Day 1.


October 19

The Haunted Set List

  1. No Compromise (Revolver)
  2. 99 (Revolver)
  3. Trespass (The Haunted Made Me Do It)
  4. The Flood (The Dead Eye)
  5. The Medication (The Dead Eye)
  6. Eye of the Storm (Exit Wounds)
  7. D.O.A. (One Kill Wonder)
  8. My Enemy (Exit Wounds)
  9. All Against All (Revolver)
  10. In Vein (The Haunted)
  11. Dark Intentions (The Haunted Made Me Do It)
  12. Bury Your Dead (The Haunted Made Me Do It)
  13. Trend Killer (Exit Wounds)
  14. Hate Song (The Haunted)

Band: Patrik Jensen, rhythm guitar; Jonas Björler, bass; Adrian Erlandsson, drums; Marco Aro, vocals; Ola Englund, lead guitars.


Death Angel Set List

  1. Left for Dead (The Dream Calls for Blood)
  2. Son of the Morning (The Dream Calls for Blood)
  3. Claws in So Deep (Relentless Retribution)
  4. Seemingly Endless Time (Act III)
  5. Fallen (The Dream Calls for Blood)
  6. The Dream Calls for Blood (The Dream Calls for Blood)
  7. Mistress of Pain (The Ultra-Violence)
  8. Kojo no Tsuki (Cover)
  9. The Ultra-Violence (The Ultra-Violence)/Thrown To The Wolves (The Art of Dying)

Band: Rob Cavestany, lead guitar; Mark Osegueda, vocals; Ted Aguilar, guitars; Will Carroll, drums; Damien Sisson, bass guitar.

Within Temptation Set List

  • Intro (Dragon (Short Movie))
  1. Paradise (What About Us?) (Hydra)
  2. Faster (The Unforgiving)
  3. In the Middle of the Night (The Unforgiving)
  4. Fire and Ice (The Unforgiving)
  5. And We Run (Hydra)
  6. Dangerous (Hydra)
  7. Angels (The Silent Force)
  8. Our Solemn Hour (The Heart of Everything)
  9. Stand My Ground (The Silent Force)
  10. Covered By Roses (Hydra)
  11. Sinéad (The Unforgiving) (Acoustic)
  12. Ice Queen (Mother Earth)

Band: Sharon den Adel, lead vocals; Stefan Helleblad, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, grunts; Jeroen van Veen, bass; Ruud Jolie, lead guitar, rhythm guitar; Martijn Spierenburg, keyboards; Mike Coolen, drums.

Kreator Set List

  1. The Patriarch / Violent Revolution (Violent Revolution)
  2. Civilization Collapse (Phantom Antichrist)
  3. Extreme Aggressions (Extreme Aggression)
  4. Impossible Brutality (Enemy of God)
  5. Enemy of God (Enemy of God)
  6. Voices of the Dead (Enemy of God)
  7. Awakening of the Gods (Pleasure to Kill) (Intro only)
  8. Endless Pain (Endless Pain)
  9. Victory Will Come (Phantom Antichrist)
  10. Intro: Mars Mantra (Phantom Antichrist)
  11. Phantom Antichrist (Phantom Antichrist)
  12. Phobia (Outcast)
  13. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite) (Hordes of Chaos)
  14. Pleasure to Kill (Pleasure to Kill)

Band: Miland “Mille” Petrozza, vocals, guitar; Christian “Speesy” Giesler, bass; Jürgen “Ventor” Reil, drums, vocals; Sami Yli-Sirniö, guitar.

Dream Theater Set List

  • Intro: False Awakening Suite
  1. The Enemy Inside (Dream Theater)
  2. The Mirror (Awake)
  3. Lie (Awake)
  4. On the Backs of Angels (A Dramatic Turn of Events)
  5. The Looking Glass (Dream Theater)
  6. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (Awake)
  7. Enigma Machine (Dream Theater)
  8. Along for the Ride (Dream Theater)
  9. Breaking All Illusions (A Dramatic Turn of Events)
  10. Overture 1928 (Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory)
  11. Strange Déjà Vu (Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory)
  12. Pull Me Under (Images and Words)
  • Outro: Illumination Theory

Band: John Petrucci, guitar, backing vocals; John Myung, bass, chapman stick; James LaBrie, lead vocals; Jordan Rudess, keyboards, keytar, continuum fingerboard, harpejji, lap steel guitar; Mike Mangini, drums, percussion.

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