Re: Re: Arse

Overkill Inc. never miss! That said, if I had to pick one album from my best-of that I really want you to check out, it’s the Night Verses.

The Armed is not only a grower, but it may not ever grab you. They are definitely marching to the beat of their own drum; sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.


Re: Arse

Thanks for the list! As usually, I have heard very little of them. Enjoyed the Enslaved a lot, and have heard some of the In Flames (saw them open for Meshuggah last week, which was great—more on that in another email). I will try to listen to a few. I’ll tell ya what I did love is the new Overkill!



✦✦✦✧ Longtime readers of this blog won’t be surprised by my initial thoughts on this, the 714th album from thrash metal’s most consistent band. (It even had the exact same score as the previous album, for the first two-thirds of the album). But I’ve gotta call out the track “Fever,” which is so nasty and sludgy and rad.


Re: Re: The Arsies: A Reflection

I think there are actually two amazing things here:

1) “[Y]ou somehow have managed to avoid the calcification of musical tastes that is a basic biological fact of age. How did you do that?”  I agree, this is truly exceptional.  In case you want to know what the near opposite of what you have been able to achieve is, here is a list of the ten albums I have most recently purchased:

  • Candlemass — The Door to Doom
  • Dream Theater — Distance over Time
  • Overkill — The Wings of War
  • Visions of Atlantis — The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Night
  • Avantasia — Moonglow
  • Beast in Black — From Hell with Love
  • Evergrey — The Atlantic
  • Within Temptation — Resist
  • Ancient Bards — Origine: The Black Crystal Sword Saga PT.
See the rest here

OverkillThe Grinding Wheel

✦✦✦✧ This is bouncy and fun, as any self-respecting Overkill album should be. At the same time, there’s something going on here, a slight tweak to the otherwise dependable formula that’s not entirely successful.  I hope I’m very wrong about this, or reading into it too much, but the band’s sound borders on weird “Load+Reload”/”Countdown To Extinction”/”The Ritual” territory.


Re: Loud Park

Thanks for these excellent reports, JaPaBo! Was Kreator painfully loud, as they were when I saw them with Overkill? Also, I can’t get over Jordan Rudess on keytar (especially what looks to be a bloated two-octave one).


OverkillWhite Devil Armory

★★★☆ Long live Overkill Incorporated! Their latest product is just as ferocious as any before it. The songwriting on this album aims less for coherent songwriting and more for fun thrashy moments… and the trade-off works remarkably well. Also, of particular note to me: D.D. Verni’s bass tone is just as coppery as ever, but the way that the mix has dialed in his mids and low end is gonna be hard to improve upon.