Revocation -- The Outer Ones

RevocationThe Outer Ones

✦✦✧✧ On one level, this is every bit what you’d expect from a Revocation album: unabashed virtuosity in the most fun metal ways imaginable. On another level, the album laudably goes for a wide assortment of musical genres (rethrash, death metal, grind), but does not particularly stick this landings very well.

River Black -- River Black

River BlackRiver Black

✦✦✧✧ This mostly-Burnt-By-The-Sun not-a-supergroup (also featuring ex-members of Municipal Waste and Revocation) is some nasty business. It’s first and foremost a tour of various kinds of aggression and swagger (evocative at times of Norma Jean, Entombed, and Sepultura at their punkiest). This, the band’s eponymous debut, is a weighty chunk of red meat without any filler.

Revocation -- Great Is Our Sin

RevocationGreat Is Our Sin

✦✦✦✧ Another blistering slab of thrash from these modern masters. No one track stands out here as a career definer (as opposed to the band’s eponymous 2013 masterpiece), but what you do get here is trademark Revocation doing what they do best, with a subtle leaning toward more emotional variety. But don’t let that stop you from listening with a gleefully slack jaw.

Revocation -- Deathless


★★★★ Holy fuck. I was all set to give this album two stars as I started to listen to it, but then I gave it a fresh re-listen. It has all the fury of the band’s eponymous predecessor, and the sound is unmistakably Revocation, and at the same time the album sounds like a whole other band altogether.



★★★★ Everything I want from a modern thrash album. Intricate, bloodthirsty, and peppered with excellent and interesting lead guitarwork. Special shout-outs to a very competent Metallica cover, as well as the instrumental Spastic (an instant contender for Metal Moment Of The Year).