Yashira -- Fail To Be

YashiraFail To Be

★★☆☆ Not quite as devastating as the band’s 2018 debut Shrine, but hardly an example of a sophomore slump, either. The band continue to serve up steaming heaps of nasty, noisy sludge, a la Old Man Gloom but with less meandering. The edge is smoothed over a little since last time, but this is a quibble; Yoshira are still heavy and fascinating and worth the listen!

Primitive Man -- Immersion

Primitive ManImmersion

★★☆☆ This is as ridiculously heavy a noisescape as anything else PM have put out, with
a slightly more pronounced focus on song structure than their previous album Caustic (and mercifully less than twice the running time). But it’s still a bit of a one-trick diversion of an album, and definitely not something you’ll ever hear on any radio request line.

Anaal Nathrakh -- Endarkenment

Anaal NathrakhEndarkenment

★★☆☆ Another 41-minute grind/industrial/death/black metal maelstrom, this time with a hint of… growing maturity and reflection? This album is in fact unusually thoughtful (don’t like the song title "Libidinous (A Pig With Cocks In Its Eyes)" fool you), with Dave Hunt’s lyrics touching repeatedly on the state of the Western world.

Inferi -- Of Sunless Realms

InferiOf Sunless Realms

★★☆☆ An album length of 22 minutes might seem a little skimpy, but that doesn’t stop these tech death shredders from cramming an hour’s worth of riffs into it. It’s blistering fun at a million miles an hour, of course, but the listening experience is a little like doing shots; I can’t remember much after it’s all done, but I feel like I got hit by a truck anyway.

Fates Warning -- Long Day Good Night

Fates WarningLong Day Good Night

★★☆☆ More like Long Album Good Night, am I right?! 31 years after "Nothing Left To Say," Fates’ thirteenth album of thirteen songs is 72 minutes long (about 20 minutes too many). The songs don’t feel particularly related to each other (and this is somewhat of an aberration in the band’s catalog of albums with unifying themes).

Pyrrhon -- Abscess Time

PyrrhonAbscess Time

★★☆☆ Perhaps Pyrrhon’s most accessible album to date… by which I mean that normies will be all "NO FUCKING THANK YOU" after about 10 seconds of this virtuosic cacophony. If you stick with it, however, you’ll find the progressive death metal band’s malevolent logic is a bit closer to the surface than before.