Katatonia -- City Burials

KatatoniaCity Burials

★★★☆ Somehow, this is both Katatonia at their most pop-oriented… and their most moodiest album since Dead End Kings. The production by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström is as lush and appropriate as ever, with a heightened focus on atmosphere and songwriting. Special shout out to lead single "Lacquer," which uses electronica in a new (to this band) way to convey something unique, accessible, but oh so doomed.

Katatonia -- The Fall Of Hearts

KatatoniaThe Fall Of Hearts

★★☆☆ The newest incarnation of Katatonia begs a few comparisons to Opeth (“Damnation,” anyone?). More pointedly, any vestiges of metal on this album are largely relegated to the status of ornamentation in service to a pervasively gothy form of prog. Look: props definitely due for the band burrowing deeper into their softer side.