Arch Enemy -- Will To Power

Arch EnemyWill To Power

★★☆☆ After a downright Otep-like opening, this album settles into an uninspired, wanky power metal mode that bears a vague resemblance to Arch Enemy albums of old. The band can still shred from time to time (and how could they not, with Jeff Loomis joining Mike Amott), but for the most part it sounds like they’re making sure this’ll sound good in the arenas that they’re filling up on the road.


Loud Park

Just got back from the first day of Loud Park. You may know that Manowar cancelled their headline spot due to a fire that delayed their gear’s arrival. However, the big story of the day was how unnecessary Manowar is.

Arch Enemy -- War Eternal

Arch EnemyWar Eternal

★★☆☆ Take heart: Alissa White-Gluz does a great job filling Angela Gossow’s formidable shoes in this, Arch Enemy’s latest album. And the musicianship is likewise bankably excellent from the rest of the band. But the songwriting is so slapdash and uneven that, at first, I was sorely tempted to give this album one star only.