Ne ObliviscarisCitadel

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★★★☆ The closest thing I can compare this to is Cynic’s “Traced In Air.” But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that this album reminded me of UK’s first album, and of BTBAM in one of their less carny moods. Here are a group that manage to intersperse violin solos and flamenco guitars with blast beats and furious palm-mute riffs in a way that feels organic and reasonable, as all of it combines to a lavish soundscape that’s hard to pin down. As these things go, you’d be right to expect the learned, muddled approach to dull the edge of the stabbier parts, and this costs the album maybe half a star in my book. But the tradeoff here feels more than justified, and as a whole the album is tirelessly entertaining album from start to finish.