Ne Obliviscaris -- Urn

Ne ObliviscarisUrn

★★★☆ Ironically, as Ne Obvs bring on ex-Cynic bassist Robin Zielhorst for their third album, their sound evolves away from Cynic-inspired, and into more of an Opeth-meets-The-Faceless groove. This is excellent prog, although at times it may come across as a little long and overprecious. Still, worth at least one listen all the way through (the 14-minute eponymous album closer is a Must).

Ne Obliviscaris -- Citadel

Ne ObliviscarisCitadel

The closest thing I can compare this to is Cynic’s “Traced In Air.” But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that this album reminded me of UK’s first album, and of BTBAM in one of their less carny moods. Here are a group that manage to intersperse violin solos and flamenco guitars with blast beats and furious palm-mute riffs in a way that feels organic and reasonable, as all of it combines to a lavish soundscape that’s hard to pin down.