Bad WolvesDisobey

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✦✦✧✧ I’m always prepared for a metal supergroup to sound more or less like an amalgam of its constituent parts. What I wasn’t ready for is the idea of a supergroup sound like a blend of a bunch of other bands not at all related to its members. And yet what you get with Bad Wolves is an awkward fusion of Sepultura, The Acacia Strain, Vildhjarta, Tremonti, and Linkin Park. Really, it sounds like the band are conspicuously aiming to Will-It-Blend anything they can get their hands on. The problem with putting everything in the mix is that there’s no other room for surprise or  inventiveness or anything else. Their cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” is a perfect example, shocking on paper, but utterly obvious in its execution. This is an expertly crafted album, but not aiming to resonate with any apparent audience whatsoever.