Brendon SmallGalaktikon II: Become The Storm

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✦✦✧✧ This is a thoroughly solid speed metal/melodeath album, with tasty riffs throughout, and top-notch shredding by everyone in the band (who, it should be stated, are the same people behind Dethklok). That said… while this could be thought of as an unlicensed Dethklok album (at least according to Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan), the name isn’t the only thing missing from this album. Also gone is the tongue-in-cheekiness that is vital to Dethklok’s charm. And while the space opera themes of “Become The Storm” are certainly appropriate for this kind of music, they are not as engaging as any of the fun that the Adult Swim animated property always brought to the occasion. Weird thing to be hung up on, I know.