GruesomeSavage Land

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★☆☆☆ My opinion here bears some explaining. This supergroup and album are quite intentionally a tribute to the first three Death albums (ie: the really lo-fi pre-Cynic ones). As such, they succeed brilliantly: listening to “Savage Land” is like listening to a remastered version of “Scream Bloody Gore,” assuming you’ve never heard a moment of that album before. All the hallmarks of late-80s death metal are here: the scalloped BC Rich tone, the extreme panning, the awkward timing issues, even the pitchshifted vocals. So while this is on the one hand a lovingly meticulous masterpiece, on the other hand, that’s like marveling that a jelly bean can taste just like grape soda. Still, if you have any love at all for Chuck Schuldiner, you should definitely listen to at least one of these tracks, if not all of them.