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Allegedly, there are people out there who are selling refurbished iPod Videos with 240GB hard drives in them. Unholy abortions, these devices, but they can be found. I have even heard tell, in anxious whispers, stories of a mythical iPod upgrade kit available on eBay.

But these options only delay the inevitable (and at cost). Zig’s split approach is also viable, and gives you more storage capacity, and the fun exercise of choosing rotation playlists for yourself. And if you truly need your vast catalog of Krokus imports available at all times, why not make the switch to a streaming service or The Cloud? I’ve made the change myself, and I’m here to tell you that I live a happy, rich, music-filled life. Oh sure, I hardly pay the musicians a dime (literally), but I find other ways to support (some of) them.

Good god I’m tired,

P.S. Indeed: The Haunted sure is sweet, Zig. Three stars, baby! Although, if you haven’t by now read Peter Dolving’s Facebook post on why he left, you may want to skip it, as it will forever tarnish your opinion of the band that survive him.

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It seems that PD had edited himself since the time of his original post, but Blabbermouth has done us a mitzvah and transcribed most or all of it before it...
September 30, 2014 Re: Re: Re: Help! avatar
Thanks for the fast responses, guys.  This is a bit of an emergency for me!  Zig, I listen to my tunes on an iPod Classic ('cause I'm a classic!) on...
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If you used iTunes Match, you could then have all your music available to you on your phone by streaming or to download at will. You can still keep everything...
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iTunes Match was my first inclination, but I have two concerns.  Are they legitimate?: The limit on the iCloud is 25,000 songs.  My iPod currently has nearly 23,000 songs (nearly...
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The song limit could be a problem for you. The other issue I believe is only an option—you can have your files replaced by ones from iTunes (which is really...