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iTunes Match was my first inclination, but I have two concerns.  Are they legitimate?:
  1. The limit on the iCloud is 25,000 songs.  My iPod currently has nearly 23,000 songs (nearly 100% ripped from CDs).  Is this a long-term solution?  I haven’t seen anything about how to pay for more space on iCloud.
  2. More importantly, I’ve seen complaints on the internet that enrolling in iTunes Match not only builds an iCloud version of your iTunes music library using a combination of Apple’s special iTunes matching and regular uploading when necessary, but also then replaces the original iTunes library on your home computer with this newly-built iCloud library.  I’ve seen conflicting reports about this (it’s the internet, so it may not even be true), but some people have complained that this resulted in lost songs and mistaken entries not only in their iCloud library ( some of which is to be expected), but also in their original iTunes library stored on their home computer, and there was nothing they could do.  Have you heard about this issue?  Is it valid?  I suppose one could protect the integrity of the original iTunes library by creating an initial back-up, but what do you then do when you want to add a new CD? Rip it to both your iCloud-synced iTunes library and your back-up?  It seems to get inconvenient pretty quickly.
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The song limit could be a problem for you. The other issue I believe is only an option—you can have your files replaced by ones from iTunes (which is really...