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Thanks for the fast responses, guys.  This is a bit of an emergency for me!  Zig, I listen to my tunes on an iPod Classic (’cause I’m a classic!) on headphones and on a Bose iPod speaker stand.  I mostly listen to music on headphones and would like to preserve the option to keep my entire library mobile (my commute is an hour one way).  I don’t have the same streaming services available here and am worried about the loss of control of my library that giving into iTunes Match entails (I never trusted Steve Jobs).  Splitting into multiple iPods and using playlists to limit content in a single device seems a step back (I’m lazy and want it all, all the time).   Arse, I will look into the iPod Video and iPod upgrade packages.  How would The Cloud work with iTunes?  I have an iPhone 4S.  I’m clueless.  Help!

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If you used iTunes Match, you could then have all your music available to you on your phone by streaming or to download at will. You can still keep everything...
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iTunes Match was my first inclination, but I have two concerns.  Are they legitimate?: The limit on the iCloud is 25,000 songs.  My iPod currently has nearly 23,000 songs (nearly...
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The song limit could be a problem for you. The other issue I believe is only an option—you can have your files replaced by ones from iTunes (which is really...