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JaPaBo, I’m sure we can help. Refresh my memory–how do you listen to your music? Is your Pod docked to the Wave Radio? A better option than getting another laptop is getting a large external hard drive (1 Tb will cost you only about $80 or less), hooking it up to your current laptop, and then connecting that to your radio. You can get a little external DAC (digital audio converter) that plugs into a USB port and has a music out jack that will improve your sound quality.

Another option is to store your tunes on the external HD and just not put everything on your Pod at one time, but that may be unacceptable!

–The Geek Squad

PS The new Haunted album is pretty sweet, ain’t it?

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Allegedly, there are people out there who are selling refurbished iPod Videos with 240GB hard drives in them. Unholy abortions, these devices, but they can be found. I have even...
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Thanks for the fast responses, guys.  This is a bit of an emergency for me!  Zig, I listen to my tunes on an iPod Classic ('cause I'm a classic!) on...
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The song limit could be a problem for you. The other issue I believe is only an option—you can have your files replaced by ones from iTunes (which is really...