Between The Buried And MeColors II

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✦✦✦✧ If you’ve never listened to BTBAM before, start with Alaska or Parallax II, but work your way back here.

If you’re already a BTBAManiac, here’s the deal: this is pure fan-service, and you’re going to eat it up. It’s as much a remake as it is a sequel. Fear not: you’re going to love all the many callbacks to Colors I, as well the novel forays into straight-up jazz, flamenco, and… hard rock? Just don’t expect a shift or massive evolution. Also, this is the finest production that Jamie and the boys have pulled off yet, and ever single member of the band turn in their best performances here. The 78-minute runlength is a real challenge for a single-listen, but it’s difficult to point at anything worth skipping. My personal highlight, "The Future Is Behind Us"/"Turbulent", brings tears. Automatic top 10 fodder.

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