PeripheryPeriphery IV: Hail Stan

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✦✦✦✧ One of Periphery’s best albums to date. Of course, as is by now mandatory for this band, I need to give you my first impressions, song by song:

“Reptile”: absolutely masterful; a new high water mark for the band; Periphery’s Catch 33
“Blood Eagle”: a fun slice of Periphery when they’re feeling their most metal; all over the radio, though, so I’m probably gonna get over it real quick.
“CHVRCH BVRNER”: nastier than I’m used to from a premiere djent act; kinda like they got into a car accident with Every Time I Die. I dig it!
“Garden In The Bones”: it’s impressive it took this much album before I heard the band’s saccharin side. Do not want.
“It’s Only Smiles”: wannabe anthem that doesn’t grab me one way or the other
“Follow Your Ghost”: I totally forgot to even listen.
“Crush”: not metal, and not that interesting at that.
“Sentient Glow”: whoa, thrash!
“Satellies”: a proper companion piece to “Reptile,” melding the band’s heavier and more melodic leanings in a way that I can get behind.