Between The Buried And MeAutomata I

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✦✦✦✦ This is the biggest level-jump for the band since The Parallax. The album starts out on very familiar territory, with a track that sounds like it could easily fit on either of the band’s last two albums. And then the second track starts, and all of a sudden we have a new sound for BTBAM: heavier, more anthemic, but also less beholden to old prog rock tropes. The automaton theme implied by the album title is heard in the next-level production and synthesized layers; also, Dan Briggs’s bass is finally delightfully big in the mix. I’m still not sure entirely how I feel about the changes after a full listen, so I’ll say this requires at least one listen from all y’all (easy to commit to with a running time of 35 minutes).

(Side note: the album-opening riff will never not sound like Eddie Money to me. You’re welcome.)