SikThThe Future In Whose Eyes?

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✦✦✦✧ SikTh manage to thread a very fine needle here, harnessing their djenty brand of prog (or proggier brand of djent) in service of a catchy accessibility that generally eludes the genre. Along the way, these veterans don’t return to form, so much as they call on old debts, incorporating elements from descendants such as Periphery, Protest The Hero, TesseracT, and many others. This album does have an Achilles’ heel, however, in the dual vocal performances of Joe Rosser and Mikee Goodman; the former’s are just not as good as his predecessor Justin Hill’s, and as for the latter’s… it’s straight-up “Stonehenge” material, y’all. Oh well; if that’s the cost of doing business, I’ll pay.