DanzigBlack Laden Crown

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✧✧✧✧ Unfulfilling, unfinished, and wildly uneven… for all the reasons that you’d come to expect from latter-era Danzig (i.e.: not produced by Rick Rubin) I don’t mind the slower bluesy vibe of this album; Danzig The Band was always about that devil blues anyway. What I mind is the irredeemable descent into narcissism that this project seems to have undergone. Long-time John Christ understudy Tommy Victor returns to provide guitar and bass, and even Dirk Verbeuren guests on drums on one track, but all others are treated as second-class citizens, as Glenn’s hackish production sensibilities only favor Glenn himself. And the songwriting is, to put it charitably, unambitious even by the band’s standards. Do yourself and just listen to “Lucifuge” and pretend it’s “Danzig XI.”