Circle Of DustMachines Of Our Disgrace

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★★☆☆ Little known fact: back when I was getting my industrial passion project Hagman off the ground, one of my biggest inspirations was the little-known-of producer Klayton, courtesy of his Circle Of Dust moniker. In fact, to this day, every time someone mentioned Cradle Of Filth, I feel an inner twinge, wishing instead that they were talking about Circle Of Dust. But after an 18-year hiatus, my long vigil is over. This return, while not entirely triumphant, is a fun listen and a series of explorations into the challenge of aging industrial sensibilities combining with modern techno trends, fusing elements of “Pretty Hate Machine,” Pitchshifter, and Front Line Assembly with… Korn?! Well anyway, there’s some actual (and tasty!) guitar riffage on here, honest. Good for a listen (most likely with a smirk).