Protest The HeroPacific Myth

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✦✦✦✧ If you’re already a PTH fan, this collection of songs will give you exactly what you already know to look for. Ridiculously blistering, convoluted riffs undergird Rody Walker’s distinctive and melodramatic vocals. And the musicianship is as flawless as ever, with new drummer Mike Ieradi and bassist Cam McLennan ably filling the busy shoes of Chris Adler and Arif Mirabdolbaghi, respectively. There’s also a greater-than-usual emphasis on melodic and harmonic accessibility, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call the band “listenable” in any mainstream way. But there’s also an abruptness to “Pacific Myth,” a noticable lack of cohesion; this makes sense, considering that this “album” is ostensibly a repackaged accumulation of 6 sequentially-released tracks. Still, this collection is good for a couple of listens at least, and attests to PTH being one of the strongest prog metal bands of 2016.