QueensrÿcheCondition Hüman

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★★☆☆ This album is a bit better than the band’s first attempt with vocalist Todd LaTorre, in two key areas: production and ambition. Everyone is in top form performance-wise, with the big prize going to LaTorre; he manages to both sound exactly like Geoff Tate when he wants to, and to self-assuredly avoid that trick when he doesn’t. (Oddly enough, he sounds like John Arch, which… I’ll allow.) Similarly, the album reminds you of the `Rÿche’s various incarnations throughout their long career (when they’re not sounding like Maiden or Priest), while also claiming new territory. But there are some seriously questionable choices made here in terms of pacing and self-editing (or lack thereof), which make this a grower at best. Also, I’m really not a fan of the closing title track longest song at all.