iwrestledabearonceHail Mary

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★★★☆ With my short and sweet Firstie for IWABO’s previous record still in my memory, I’ll admit I was not looking forward to listening to this album today. And so, I wasn’t prepared for how… thoroughly effective this one is. The band have settled into a much more economical brand of still-insane 8bitdigidjentymetalcore, trading their goofy self-indulgences for unsubtle savagery. Aside from one earnest but misjudged ballady track mid-album, this is 44 minutes of aural krokodil. IWABO has gotta win Most Improved this year. That said, this is one exhausting and particular album from a band who are well-established as polarizers, and I can imagine that you’ll need to be in a particular mood to dig it. Still, it’s hard not to give it a low three stars at least.