The DarknessLast Of Our Kind

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★★☆☆ I’ll be the first to admit that I generally fucking loathe The Darkness, largely for just how self-consciously tribute-y they are. That said, I don’t thoroughly hate this album… although none of it really moves me, either. The guitarwork here is as crisp and spot-on as ever, so that’s a saving grace. At the same time, Justin Hawkins’ vocals lean away from his trademark falsetto and toward more diversity; with any other band, I’d likely applaud that, but here that falsetto is pretty much half the reason to listen to The Darkness anyway, so that’s a mixed blessing. The biggest issue with “Last Of Our Kind” is that, unlike their debut “Permission To Land,” there’s not much here to stick in one’s memory, and after the listening is over, you’re as likely to recollect The Darkness as of the countless power rock bands they ape.