Iron ReaganThe Tyranny of Will

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★★☆☆ Given that this is from the guys who brought you Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, this album is surprisingly (and unapologetically) punk. And for the most part, it really works. This album may not sound like it at first blush, but it’s got more in common with S.O.D. than with Rancid (or with Darkest Hour, for that matter). And this album hits a lot of the right items on the checklist. Stupid intros! “1234!” Ending a song with “FUCK!” Only one of the two dozen tracks in this half-hour collection is longer than 3 minutes! And yet, it somehow feels ponderously long. By the band’s own admission, what they lack in planning or editing, they make up for in energy, and this is an entertaining enough circle pit.