Band of the week, motherfuckers

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After my last BOW debacle, I didn’t let your bad attitudes stop my current BOW — Deep Purple.

I’m still not sure how much I like them, and I think it is primary Jon Lord’s annoying organ playing that makes them sound more dated than either Sabbath or Zeppelin. Their first album was also largely psychedelic nonsense (released in 1968–before either of the others debut), with a few protometal rockers on display.

I’ll admit, In Rock is good stuff, and Machine Head is a pretty great album, though the song Space Truckin’ is fairly retarded.

For me, the real surprise was how much I dig the Mark III albums (Coverdale/Hughes era), particularly Burn. That is an incredible hard rock record–highly recommended for you, JaPoBo, with nary a dud track in the bunch. The dual lead vocals was a great touch, and they both happen to have better voices than Ian Gillan, IMO. You’ll recognize the classic track Mistreated, but the title track is the bomb as well.

Also, from the classic lineup, you can’t go wrong with Child in Time–excellent tune (pronounced “chune”) though Gillan’s vocals are the definition of caterwauling.

JaPoBo, what is your DP experience?

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May 25, 2011 Re: Band of the week, motherfuckers avatar
I only have In Rock and Machine Head. Both are okay, but sound pretty dated. Never heard the Mark III stuff (except an Opeth cover), so maybe I'll check it...
May 26, 2011 Re: Band of the week, motherfuckers avatar
Now you're in the spirit, JaPaBo! Trust me on this one and pick up Burn--you will dig it. Another plus of it: Jon Lord very low in the mix... (more…)