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Now you’re in the spirit, JaPaBo! Trust me on this one and pick up Burn–you will dig it. Another plus of it: Jon Lord very low in the mix…

Prog spring has been a hit! I dig the PtH, though it doesn’t have the epicness of the last one. Obscura is quite good as well. I have to listen to the Human Abstract more–I like it, but I don’t think the deathy vocals go with the music well. Would be better with singing. Haven’t heard the BTBAM yet–it’s not on MOG!

Surprisingly, I’m disappointed in the Tesseract–the album feels like a half-baked collection of unmemorable tunes surrounding the Concealing Fate EP–worked much better by itself. A surprise hit for me is the Omnium Gatherum album, which I really like.

You’re all alone on the Haunted. I didn’t really like the last one, and this is worse. Sorry, the fans have spoken on this one.

Mygrain may be the worst band name I’ve heard in a long time! Looking forward to the AE. I like your choices for the next band of the week–all sound good. I have actually never heard Uriah Heep at all, so I’ll have to try a bit before making that kind of commitment. I may try the Wishbone Ash!