Septicflesh -- Codex Omega

SepticfleshCodex Omega

★★☆☆ Pathologically bombastic as always, although the extreme metal and symphonic passages are less disjointed on this album than they were on “Titan.” There are pleasant attempts here to push the band’s own envelope of creativity and experimentation, and Logan Mader’s production wisely emphasizes the actual band’s performances more than it did last time out.

Septicflesh -- Titan


★☆☆☆ “Grandiose” doesn’t quite cover what Septicflesh achieve on this symphonic metal album. Unfortunately, their pomp comes at the expensive of any kind of song cohesion or logic. Worse, the sudden changes within the song come frequently and unpredictably enough to make it difficult to allow yourself to get into any riff or mood with any real investment.