Wrvth -- No Rising Sun

WrvthNo Rising Sun

★★★☆ The band’s eponymous predecessor to this album had a few different sounds in its soup; while I’m not a betting man, I would not have wagered that Wrvth would focus this time around on their blackened-post-metal side instead of their deathcore roots, now a seemingly distant memory. I also would not have guessed that I’d like this album as much as I do.

Wrvth -- Wrvth


This reminds me of The Ocean, Indian, The Faceless, and Gorguts all at the same time. Those are all great ingredients, and the musicianship is tight, and oh my god so much bass in the mix! I don’t really even mind the all-screamo-all-the-time vocals, although that’s definitely costing ‘em. Also, big props for naming a song after the town next to the one I live in.