Origin -- Unparalleled Universe

OriginUnparalleled Universe

★★★☆ Ridiculous technodeath is ridiculous. That’s to be expected from Origin. They may have taken things a bit too far this time around, with their wankery devolving at times into pure implausibility. The drums are particularly unbelievable. However, undergirding the comically precise shredding is a latest catchiness that feels more pronounced since the band’s last album (2014′s “Omnipresent”).

Origin -- Omnipresent


★★★☆ I’m loving the mix of sensibilities on this brutal death metal album: the punky blitzkrieg approach (most of the songs on here are under 2 minutes each), the Death-by-way-of-Gorguts technicality, and above all the dark heaviness that permeates the whole thing. This is a guaranteed headbanger, a must-listen.