Re: Metal?

Although I suppose we could come up with a definition of metal based on some combination of objective musical criteria (e.g. double-bass drumming, de-tuning, distortion, etc.) or some common sense standard like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography (i.e. “you know it when you hear it”), I have a nagging suspicion that metal is best defined by the particular emotions it most commonly expresses.  

Napalm Death -- Apex Predator – Easy Meat

Napalm DeathApex Predator – Easy Meat

With this album, Napalm Death have reasserted their role as the honey badgers of the metal world. Call it an improbable three-way head-on collision between punk, indusrtial, and grindcore. The resulting carnage works better than you’d think, especially at high volume. It’s impressive, really! At the same time, I’d be very very surprised if I ever willingly listened to this again.