KXM -- Scatterbrain


★★★☆ A definitely improvement over the supergroup’s 2014 debut. This sounds much more like a fusion of King’s X and Lynch Mob, with a competent drummer (and fortunately no Kornisms sneaking in over the fence). Also, George Lynch can do no wrong. 66 minutes is at least 20 minutes too many, though.



★★☆☆ The new supergroup featuring Doug Pinnick and George Lynch has got perhaps the most faultless production I’ve heard in months. Beyond that, there is no way that anyone unfamiliar with the album is going to hear this as anything other than an amazing new King’s X album. That of course is faint praise, as there’s no escaping a right-down-the-middle radio-friendly blandness that haunts the hard rock pretentions of the first half of the album.