Every Time I Die -- Low Teens

Every Time I DieLow Teens

★★★☆ Here’s a grungier, even nastier (if you can believe it) ETID album. Less overly metal, but just as twisted and angry. There are palpable traces of QOTSA and Clutch all over the Converge-ish core of the band’s music. There’s also an almost Beatles-esque listenability in the melodies that surprised me… and ETID surprising me just shows that they’ve still got it.

Every Time I Die -- From Parts Unknown

Every Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown

★★★☆ While this is still very recognizably ETIDcore, they have somehow permuted the goofiness of “Ex Lives” for a more focused, surprising, and interesting sophistication on this album. None of the band’s aggression of missing; instead, they let in a little seawater for extra flavor. The result is an album that more or less works, and works hard, for its incendiary 31 minutes.