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Thanks for the fantastic-as-always concert review! I’m even less familiar with GR than Zig, so I’ll have to check ’em out.

Here’s one bit of trivia that your post touched on: when multiple bands in a show share equipment, we say that the source band is backlining. That implies that that band is providing all the primary equipment needed to make music onstage. (Prerecorded audio doesn’t count.) Usually, the source of a backline is the headliner, as they’ve (theoretically) got the most momentum, which means they’ve also got the deepest pockets and nicest gear. I personally love it when I get to play shows with shared equipment. (Parlance trivia: in these situations, we tell the live sound engineer that the headliner is backlining, or  I used to be really precious about that kind of thing, back in my starving 20s, but these days I’m super appreciative of the quick turnaround and larger space onstage. And my back definitely appreciates not having to lug cabs everywhere too!

Let freedom ring!

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