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Cool. Just got a break from the endless childcare/online university education so I could watch it. Damn, we’re all getting old! Lars is starting to look like Harry Dean Stanton.

I really enjoyed catching up with you guys and watching that doc. Can we do it again sometime soon? How about a concert video?

BTW, Zig, I downloaded (!) Quadra as soon as I got off the Zoom session with you guys and completely agree with you. It is their best album since forever. And for laughs, I checked my Sepultura collection to confirm when I stopped buying their stuff. To my shock, I found that the only studio album I don’t own is 2017’s Machine Messiah. This means I kept buying their post-Max new albums for 15 years (1998-2013) and even now am only missing one! Loyalist? Completist? OCD sufferer? Autopilot? You decide. But who’s got two thumbs and a physical copy of Roorback?

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