Fuck you and your college dream

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Since this week is the 20th anniversary of the release of Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven,” I thought I’d take a listen to the newly-issue remastered version. I was really looking forward to some revelatory soundsmithing.

Well, not so much. The mids on the guitars are noticeably higher in the mix, and the bass makes more of itself felt in this new remaster, but I’ve gotta say that, overall, the improvement is subtle. And let’s be honest: the whole album has a weird comb filter effect to the guitars that no remaster can touch. It’s as if Dimebag decided to play through my Hartke 410 cab with the aluminum cones. (God, do I hate that cab now.)

But maybe I’m wrong. Why don’t you take a listen to this A/B sample and tell me what you think? Is there a difference, or is this a cash grab?