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Symphonies Of Sickness

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Is there any metal band that has progressed more from one album to the next than Carcass between their first two releases? Here is where the pieces start to come together, though they are not quite complete. With SoS, their new ambition and scope becomes evident with longer, more intricate compositions, a few solos and melodies that are clearly more thought out than on RoP. But don’t think things are getting too classy yet, as nearly the first thing you hear is the gurgling, choking on his own vomit gasp from Bill Steer. While the production is leagues ahead of RoP, there is still a murky sound to the whole proceedings that makes it in a way more of a piece with the first one stylistically and in tone than with what would follow. While they have all clearly been practicing their instruments, Ken is still kind of all over the place at times. Interestingly, he seems to hold things together better during the raging blast portions than when they start to slow things down. The intro to Ruptured in Purulence is so killer that it’s about the only thing they still play from the album anymore, but his kick drum work just can’t hold down the groove, can it? I find that the whole doesn’t quite exceed the sum of the parts for some reason—it’s a band in transition, finding their way, and boy, do they find their way fast…