Band of the Week: A Primer

Hola, metalheads! First installment of Band of the Week for you. First, a little introduction to this simple exercise. I have several impediments to being able to enjoy metal indulgence as often as I would like: a wife who does not appreciate the stuff (actually, she won’t let me listen to it in the house when she’s around—I know, don’t say it…), a five-year-old daughter who tends to monopolize my time, and a job with reasonably long hours.


Re: Band of the week, motherfuckers

I only have In Rock and Machine Head. Both are okay, but sound pretty dated. Never heard the Mark III stuff (except an Opeth cover), so maybe I’ll check it out.

Question: How has “prog spring” been for you? Protest the Hero, Obscura, TesseracT, BTBAM, The Human Abstract? I like the PTH and BTBAM, but need more time to digest the rest.


Band of the week, motherfuckers

After my last BOW debacle, I didn’t let your bad attitudes stop my current BOW — Deep Purple.

I’m still not sure how much I like them, and I think it is primary Jon Lord’s annoying organ playing that makes them sound more dated than either Sabbath or Zeppelin. Their first album was also largely psychedelic nonsense (released in 1968–before either of the others debut), with a few protometal rockers on display.