YOB -- Our Raw Heart

YOBOur Raw Heart

★★☆☆ YOB’s vocals are much improved this time around, but the band’s plodding stoner metal is as deliberate and singleminded as ever. On some tracks, like “Beauty In Falling Leaves,” this pays off. For other tracks, the material feels underdeveloped, evincing a run-this-one-riff-into-the-ground approach.

Yob -- Clearing the Path to Ascend

YOBClearing the Path to Ascend

When this shoegazery doomsludge album works, it works very well. But there are two major problems with it, which drag the whole effort down. First: the songs are just a bit go-nowheresy, even by doom standards. That’s a minor quibble, compared to the second problem: the clean vocals are bad. I mean Ozzy-with-the-delerium-tremens bad.