Vallenfyre -- Fear Those Who Fear Him

VallenfyreFear Those Who Fear Him

★★★☆ The latest from Gregor Mackintosh’s grindy sludgey deathrock side project is a fun, energetic, slab of evil: nasty, unvarnished, ponderous, and gloriously dark. The album goes from rockin’ to dirgelike and back again with entertaining aplomb. Also, it does not at all sound like it’s only 38 minutes. If you can say that, and not be bored, you must be listening to something good.

Vallenfyre -- Splinters


Oh hey, it’s Kurt Ballou. The sad thing is, the actual music here has the potential to be better than your average doom metal release, but those moments of promise are weighed down by the sameness of the production. The curious result is that, when the band play slow, you’re treated to some interesting dirgeness… but the faster they play, the more anonymized the sound.