Spylacopa -- Demon John

SpylacopaDemon John

★★☆☆ In what I can only think of as an ill-advised move, Spylacopa’s third album find the band doubling down on their ambient shoegaze tendencies. At times, the music here bears a passing resemblance to Porcupine Tree at their more experimental. The tantalizing electronica motifs never really pay off, and only one song here (“Malice”) feels lackluster and unimaginative by comparison.

Spylacopa -- Parallels


This is equal parts Isis, A Perfect Circle, Eleven, Silversun Pickups, and Pink Floyd. And if that’s hard to grok, that’s okay — that’s part of the listening experience, too. The album’s shoegazer tendencies are its Achilles heel, and I wouldn’t blame you for skipping the last third of it, but otherwise this is a tantalizing breath of fresh air.