Rotting Christ -- The Heretics

Rotting ChristThe Heretics

★★☆☆ A surprisingly smooth, energetic, and entertaining collection of folksy, dronelike black metal from these pioneers of the Greek metal scene. Sure, the album is liberally embellished with black metal clichés, but if you’re down for atheistic metal with some cheesy chants and badly-enunciated English vocals, this album is sure to be a hit!

Rotting Christ -- Rituals

Rotting ChristRituals

★☆☆☆ Super boring extreme/black metal by the numbers, produced as if the only natural way to hear this music is in a dark arena carved out of Satanic stone. Every clichéd trope you can imagine is here, with very little rhyme or reason. This feels like what DETHKLOK seriously think they sound like.