Rings Of Saturn -- Gidim

Rings Of SaturnGidim

★★☆☆ Putting aside the various controversies that have plagued Lucas Mann and Rings Of Saturn for years, this technical deathcore album on its own merits is… okay. The most impactful parts, of course, are the sources of said controversies: the (possibly literal) inhuman performances, the clear substitutions for software over musicianship, and the at-times all-too-familiar riffs.

Rings Of Saturn -- Lugal Ki En

Rings Of SaturnLugal Ki En

Take the ultra-low speed-death stylings of The Acacia Strain, then digitalize and crabcore the fuck out of it all. Repeatedly, this album sounds less like metal and more like an overdriven 8-bit soundtrack. I was headbanging all the while, but only if you also count me shaking my head at the unapologetic artiface of it all.