Life Of Agony -- The Sound Of Scars

Life Of AgonyThe Sound Of Scars

★★☆☆ A tight sampling of LOA’s multiple moods, moving seamlessly from groovy hard rock to more experimental forays. This is more their mellowest record to date, but there’s still a streetwise menace to be felt throughout. If the result sometimes sounds like Alice In Chains as often as it sounds like Nothingface (or older LOA), that feels like an easy price to pay.

Life Of Agony -- A Place Where There’s No More Pain

Life Of AgonyA Place Where There’s No More Pain

★★☆☆ A grungier version of LOA than I remember from back in the day; the CBGB/Biohazard sensibilities of the band’s original form has completely given way to a frozen-in-time Alice In Chainsness that I can’t say I hate. A big part of that comparison comes courtesy of Mina Caputo, whose vocals (while certainly the strongest of her career) at times bears a resemblance to Layne Staley’s.